Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Synchronicity - A Tale of Four Dogs

I have a very wonderful story to share.  I know this blog is called, "The Very Best CATS," but this dog story is too good not to share.   It is a bit lengthy, but I think you will enjoy it.

I found out what the ending, or maybe I should call it the beginning, of the story was a couple of weeks ago.  And boy, did it make me happy. 

Jack on a walk.
It started about a month and a half  ago week when I was taking my dog Jack out for his afternoon walk.  Jack is a mini schnauzer and a rescue dog.  Many of you all ready know that.  We adopted him from a non profit shelter in our local area named Miranda's Rescue.  He was five at the time.  Not that that matters.  But since then, Miranda's has had a very special place in my heart.

Actually the story starts about seven weeks ago at a Pet Fair that I did at a place called The Farm Store.  The Farm Store hosted a day fair to raise money for our local non profits.  They had many representatives of pet food companies there giving out free samples of their products, as well as artisans selling their wares to help raise money, and many of our animal organizations were there giving out information, and some even had animals to adopt.

So I wanted to meet the owner of Miranda's Rescue because we got Jack from them.  I introduced myself to Shannon Miranda, and talked to him a little about adopting Jack, and let him know how Jack was doing.  During our discussion, he told me they had 2 more mini schnauzers at the rescue right that needed to be adopted.  I just filed that away in my head, knowing we were not in a place to adopt any more animals. 

OK, back to my walk with Jack a few days later.  So we are walking past a house where I know two other mini schnauzers live.  The owner of the home, JoAnne,  is outside, and she sees us walking toward her, just down the street a bit.  She calls me over and asks what breed of dog is Jack.  I tell her and she tells me she has one now, that she just had another one die maybe a week earlier.   She told me her little one, Lily Belle, is lonely now, and asks me if I know anyone that has mini schnauzers that need a home.  I couldn't believe the question.  Yes, I knew.  I told her about the two I heard were at Miranda's Rescue and I urged her to call them right away.

And she did.  As soon as I left, she called.  When she went to the rescue to see the dogs, one had all ready been adopted, and she took home the second one.  She named him Otis.  Otis and Lily Belle are getting on very well together.  I cannot tell you how happy that made me feel, knowing that somehow I was instrumental in helping Otis get a new forever home.

Lily Belle and Otis.

Lily Belle on left.

Otis on the right.
 The synchronicity of it all was amazing.  What a great feeling it is to help out an animal in need.  And to make a few humans happy in the process too.

But this story gets even better.  A week or two after JoAnne adopted Otis, her sister-in-law was visiting and after seeing Otis, decided she wanted to adopt a dog for her husband.  So she went down to Miranda's Rescue also, and adopted Angel, a dachshund/corgi mix.   Angel has found a very happy, loving forever home, from what my new friend JoAnne has told me.  That makes my heart happy.


The Cat Guy said...

Happy story indeed!!! You helped several dogs find great homes, I love it! I love meeting people who go out of their way to help homeless animals. You're awesome!!

Memories of Eric and Flynn said...

That is a very happy story. It must be pleasing for you to know that two dogs have found their Forever homes through you and Jack.

tiffany said...

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I have a quick question I wanted to ask you about your blog. Do you think you could send me an email when you get this?