Monday, November 11, 2013

Recent Goings On at The Very Best Cats

Life, here, at The Very Best Cats has been very busy lately. We have had some health issues with your animals that as everyone that loves a pet knows, can be very distressing. Jack, our 7 year old mini schnauzer has developed incontinence. He leaks all day, everywhere. Besides all the constant laundry and extra cleaning we are doing, you can also tell it is distressing to him. We took Jack to our vet and had him checked out. The vet thinks he is healthy. No diabetes, no bladder problems. Just incontinent. So we are trying him on a medication for female dogs, called Proing. Seems to be working for now.
Jack, relaxing in the studio with me.
The other issue we are having with Jack is collasping. We have 2 different types of collapsing. The collapsing in the morning during his morning walk. Within the first couple of blocks, his back legs start getting wobbly and he has to lay down for about half a minute, then he is ready to go again. The second form of collapsing happens if he gets excited and overly playful. And it doesn't take a lot of exertion for this one to happen. But I will see his back legs start to wobble, the he falls on his side with his legs straight out and stiff, and he doesn't move for 1-2 minutes. He has his eyes open, and is breathing normally. After the couple of minutes, he is back up to his normal self. It looks like that on the outside. Don't know what is going on on the inside. Either does the vet.

Outside the studio, in the catio, in the sun.
 Oh, there is one more version of his collapsing, where his muscles go limp and he just kind of melts into the floor or his bed if he is in it. I can tell you, these have been very distressing and worrisome for me. And the fact that the vet can't really tell me anything about them is not helpful.

Then we have Tiger. Tiger can be a bit compulsive about cleaning. But in the last couple of months, he has been excessive. Cleaning and scratching so much that he has had scabs all over his face and chin. Last week he actually had open wounds, hot spots, caused from his scratching and biting. So I went to my local pet store and 2 different clerks suggested food allergies. I didn't think much about it at first. Then a decided to stop feeding him one of 2 dry foods I had changed him to about 2 months ago. It is one of the very healthy natural brands called Blue. Well that was it. By the second day of being off that food, he is back to his old self again. I feel bad that it took me 2 months to figure this out for him, but I am glad I finally have. He is much more calm and relaxed. And so am I.

Tiger stretching in the sun, in the catio.

 And just to let you know, Motor is good. No health problems to share with Motor. Thank goodness.

Motor, relaxing.
During this time of health concerns with my pets, I also made a huge discovery. An outdoor cat that I was taking care of for about 4 years before we adopted Jack, has been found. You may remember Smokey, my outside girl. I tried to bring her indoors to make her an indoor cat right before she either took off or someone picked her up out of our neighborhood and rehomed her. I was so sad. And I have been looking for her in my neighborhood since.

One recent afternoon while I was taking a break from working, I was checking out my Facebook page and I saw one of our local adoption/rescue agencies had a photo of a cat that looked like her, with a small write up saying someone was looking for a home for her. That they couldn't take care of her anymore. From the description online, I just though it looked like her, so I called the phone number with the listing and found out this cat was about 2 miles away from where I live. I got the address and had to go there twice, but I finally met the cat, and it is Smokey. She remembered me. It was like old homecoming week. She came to me and let me pet her and talk to her, and she rolled over on her back and let me pet her more. I am so happy to know she is OK, and looks very healthy.

Beautiful Smokey.
Now I am trying to decide whether or not to try to rehome her here, again. If she remains an outdoor cat, she is in a better neighborhood where she is right now. The person I contacted has been feeding her but she is moving and all ready has 2 cats. I don't know if anyone else is taking care of her. If I bring her our home, I don't know if she wants to be an indoor cat. There are so many adjustments she would have to make. And there are so many adjustments my family of pets would have to make. I think if I tried to rehome her and have her be an outdoor cat where I live, she would just take off again because of our dog Jack. So I have a lot to consider.

Dear friends, if you have any feedback or advice, it would be greatly appreciated.

So that is our latest news. Sorry we have been away or so long. Just a busy life. Hope all our kitty friends are happy and healthy.


Memories of Eric and Flynn said...

I am sorry to hear of your problems with Jack. Do you think the collapsing and the incontinence could be linked. If your vet has no ideas of what is wrong it may be a good idea to get a second opinion.
I am glad that Tiger is well again now he is off the new food.
I don't really know what to say about Smokey. If no-one else cares for her when the other person moves, she is not going to have a good life fending for herself. Do you have a room you can keep her separate until she gets used to Motor, Tiger and Jack? Did she come indoors before she disappeared before? It would be better for her if you can integrate her into the family without causing major upset. I hope you can sort something out for that pretty girl.

The Cat Guy said...

Wow, Jack's situation sounds very stressful. I agree with Flynn, might consider getting a second opinion. Maybe a speciality clinic?

I love that Smokey is back in your life!! A message from above.